Sagitta HPC is the leader in high-performance password cracking. We deliver enterprise-grade turnkey solutions that are designed by world-renowned password cracking experts and are tailored for information security, forensics, law enforcement, and litigation support professionals. Our modular distributed solution can accommodate clusters of any size, and integrates seamlessly with the popular free software you already know and love. Whether you need a standalone system with three GPUs or a cluster of three hundred, you can count on Sagitta HPC to deliver the perfect solution.

Sagitta HPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Terahash LLC (FKA Stricture Group), founded in December 2012 by Jeremi Gosney and Russell Graves after a large number of inquiries were received asking them to replicate and improve upon their 25-GPU VirtualCL cluster. Since then, Sagitta has delivered solutions to hundreds of government and law enforcement agencies, Fortune 500 companies, security consulting firms, and litigation support firms around the world.

At Sagitta's R&D lab, we perform heavy research into the best possible hardware and software combinations for our own internal use at Stricture Group. The best of the best solutions then become products that we make available to our customers. We push the bar higher and higher with each generation, frequently requiring us to write custom code such as od6config to enable the use of next-generation hardware. We also develop our own in-house code in order to maximize the performance and enhance the potential of our products.

Sagitta also gives back to the community by frequently contributing and volunteering time to free/open source password cracking projects, such as Hashcat and John the Ripper.