Why choose Sagitta HPC?

Since 2012, Sagitta HPC has provided turnkey password recovery solutions to hundreds of government and law enforcement agencies, Fortune 500 companies, security consulting firms, and litigation support firms around the world.

Sagitta HPC is a name which has become synonymous with password cracking. We've been working with GPGPU since the days of CUDA 1.0, and have been researching and experimenting with GPU password cracking since 2009. Our company is staffed entirely by password crackers who are widely regarded within the global password cracking community as the experts on password cracking solutions.

There are several other vendors who offer dense GPU servers and workstations, and while these solutions may appear to work in theory, they rarely ever work well for password cracking in practice. This is because no other GPGPU application stresses GPUs like password cracking does, leading to a plethora of power and cooling complications. These solutions also typically use GPUs which do not perform well when cracking passwords. So while solutions from other vendors are designed for general GPGPU computing such as rendering, modeling, and other scientific applications, Sagitta HPC is the only supplier of enterprise-class dedicated password cracking hardware that is proven to work reliably and perform extremely well under password cracking workloads.

Solutions designed by Sagitta HPC ship pre-configured and thoroughly tested, and are ready to start cracking out of the box. And of course our solutions are fully backed by our warranty and support package. If you're in the market for a password cracking solution, Sagitta HPC is the obvious choice!